Thomas Marsden's team

"Mankind only thrives when it pushes outwards to solve greater puzzles. with the adventure comes everything a growing boy needs in life"-Thomas Marsden Jr

I believe we need to look to space for inspiration and the future. humans at this cosmic moment are very demanding and destructive as a whole; but it does not need to be that way. we are having our teething problems trying to integrate as a society and find our place among the stars. the current struggles on this planet represent the pains of trying to mesh a global society with so many diverse backgrounds and outlooks. conflict and strife are part of the human equation that we may need in order to appreciate the good in our lives. if perfect was easy that few would know to appreciate it.

I am poor; I made 2500$ last year so my resources are very limited monetarily; but I believe I can still do great things. I am a certified welder with 2 degrees and a fair knowledge of nuclear mechanics from studying what I can get my hands on. I also have networking with mechanics, engineers, and people who make and build almost anything you could want.

the prize is great; but the opportunity is essential. if I earned it I would use it to create opportunities for people who need it. help to teach skills and share the vision of where we need to go as a society to achieve escape velocity from our small minds and problems.