Nov. 18, 2020
3:43 p.m. PST

Thermal batteries.

"Mission Activity #3 states that the oxygen-producing pilot plant “continuously discards regolith mass at 1,100 ºC at a rate proportional to the oxygen production rate.” Could this regolith serve as an additional source of energy for a Team’s entry?
"Yes, as stated in the Challenge rules, “Each Activity specifies distinct operational consumption of electrical and/or thermal energy, but each is open to solutions that involve conversion between one and the other.”

Search the National Renewable Energy Lab. They have several areas of research ongoing in thermal batteries and thermal solar that would work to convert heat into electricity.
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Nov. 18, 2020
3:55 p.m. PST

March 15, 2021
10:07 a.m. PDT
using hermophotovoltaic cell by heating up a large amounts of regolith as its insitu matrials

Manuel Luque Casanave
March 18, 2021
8:42 p.m. PDT
It is called Thermoelectricity
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