here on earth, we have seen people that have tried to run cars on water...via removing the hydrogen from the water...and, some of the technology during these attempts is still viable for the exploration of simply need grades of holes in a filter out only hydrogen have to envision the screen as microscopic..., and, if there is a draw from a fan on the other side of the screen, you have a pull of material into the screen...and only hydrogen molecules can pass through the final screen with squares the size for a hydrogen molecule to fit...obviously, any particles that do not fit into the holes the size of a hydrogen molecule, will block the screen...and this is the reason it's initially silly to chat about...yet, if we envision the screen a running toy for hamsters, we can gather that, if there was a blade shaped like a "prop", in the center of the squirrel-cage, that went to the edges of the squirrel cage, we would have a way to move heavier objects to the outside edge of the squirrel space...since there is no gravity there...due to the prop in the middle of the squirrel-cage forcing the material in the center of it, into motion...and, since the blade has a pitch, it also forces smaller particles forward, through the screen that is the flat side of the squirrel cage, where the pivot fact, once particles begin to swirl, like a cyclone, the heavier objects/particles within the squirrel-cage, must go to the outside edge of the squirrel-cage from centrifugal forces...leaving the lighter things in the center...this way clears the squirrel-cage filter of larger objects...and, if we have another squirrel-cage sitting "back-to-back"...doing the same thing...we have a way to eject particles, in smaller and smaller increments...looking like the blades of a jet turbine...with the undesirable material being "kicked-out" of the "centrifugal filter" at the outside edges of the wheel, where a hamster usually material moves through the different size stages for the apparatus...and, in this way, i feel we can harvest hydrogen from the confines of space...without clogging the filter...this hydrogen would be usable as a fuel for heat, lights, and also the production of water...since i believe it to be a known scientific process to make water from hydrogen merely need a hydrogen source..and this way is the best, and only way, i believe there is, to obtain hydrogen in space....the fact is known...hydrogen is in the volume of an amount that has also been previously quantified by modern science...per cubic cm...we only need devise a filter to exclude all the unwanted material from the close proximity to these hydrogen molecules...and then compress/condense them, to be used for fuel and water production, on the moon, or possibly the space station....please give me feed-back about the viability of this filter concept...more later...i will work on some wishes, john kruschke--