May 29, 2020
7:06 p.m. PDT

How many submissions?

It will be useful if you could post how many Teams have submitted solutions.
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NREL Challenge moderator
June 9, 2020
7:26 a.m. PDT
We received 26 eligible entries.

Vance Turner
June 10, 2020
1:06 p.m. PDT
When will the decisions be posted?

June 10, 2020
7:17 p.m. PDT
@NREL Challenge
Tagged: NREL Challenge

NREL Challenge moderator
June 12, 2020
10:58 a.m. PDT
@Vance Turner

Hi Vance,

We are anticipating announcing Phase 1 winners near the end of June, but keep an eye on the timeline - if anything gets delayed, we'll make updates there.

Tagged: Vance Turner

Vance Turner
June 12, 2020
11:21 a.m. PDT
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