Hello, recently I saw 'Meet the winners webinar' for NASA's 'Exploring Hell' challenge and I am disappointed by NASA's choice of winners as in my opinion the solutions that have been proposed are not addressing fundamental challenges that come with this project. In this short analysis presented in the PDF file from the link below, I will focus on the contest winner. The issues that his model struggles to address are the same as the issues of the rest of the awarded models. In the interest of brevity I will focus my attention only to his presentation, I hope it is clear that I have nothing personal against him or any of the contest winners - the project presents a great challenge and I commend them for their work. I do believe though that it's fair to point out the obvious flaws in the proposed solutions and to ask NASA for the reasons behind their decision. Not only because I've made simple and working solutions for these technical problems in my submission(MANTIS(Mechanically Analyzing Navigation and Terrain Inspection System)), but also because issues like these could cause the mission to fail.
Thank you for your consideration.

technical explanation of the flaws: