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Electromechanical frequency generator with frequency and amplitude modulation

In this post i will present in more details the frequency generator that i have post in soil resistivity meter .I have already analyze how this frequency generator work on post i mention above here we will see extra functions that can have variety of uses for example of communication of rover or on the instruments of rover where no electronics can handle Venus enviroment .
The frequency modulation can be done by changing the angles (0n the center) between the propeller for example from the four extensios with rollers of the proppeler the three will be much closer equaly this can be done by changing the angles between the extensions of the propeller , that angle exists on the center so from the three that will be close the fourth will be across from the three .This has the result ,when the propellers turns in a stable rotation and the rollers touch the metalic edge of the output wire the three rollers that are touching the metalic edge more closely in time from the one metalic extension of the pro with the roller that exist across from three this delay creates a frequency modulation .The amplitude modulation can be done by replacing a small part of the metalic extension (in the middle of it ) with a resistor that resistor will drop the voltage .
In the following picture :
1) Is the angles that i mention above that can be changed and create the diferrential between them delay of touching the rollers with the metalic edge of output , F.M. (frequency modulation ) on the picture are not changed , are all equaly
2) We see an exampe of where we can put a resistor/s it can be put in all four metalic extensions and also in diferrent values as desired .
3) Also this picture is an exampe just to mention the 2 above things if 2 above are set the output will be change and it willnot be same as the picture.
This functions can be preseted or can be adjusted with a mechanical mechanism that i can describe here if you want more info.
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Antonis Chatzianestiadis
Note that can be made a mechanical computer system that has this frequency generator the comparators that i have mention in multiuse part for Venus and a important part of this computer is the mechanism that it will change mechanicly the resistors depending on the input data it might be input from memory or from instruments such as camera/mechanicaleye ( i have only mention of this mechanism above in the script about how to make amplitude modulation) in each edge of the propeller in the frequency generator
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Antonis Chatzianestiadis
I can provide more information if there is interest also about the mechanism that change the resistors in each metalic extension of the propeller .If anything is not clear or is wrong from translation please feel free to ask
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