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EDL system for Venus

The system is fully mechanical and a small part of the concept is based on the spirit level tool function , mainly starts working when the cap with the main parachute disconnects from the EDL System and what is left , is the rover on a cap under the cap is the mechanism on the drag plate , while EDL system descending until it lands on the surface of Venus.
Basic Parts and function:
1 ) On the center of this circular drag plate , there is a flat spiral torsion spring which has a stored energy
2 ) The outer edge of the flat spiral torsion spring is connected to a gear that gear exists shortly on the perimeter of the flat spring torsion on this gear , this gear is pushed to move by the spring
3 ) four metalic arms (like cross) , each one on one side of the arm is connected on the perimeter of the drag plate and the other side of the arm goes to the center the part of the arm that goes to the center is a double gear rack
4 ) On both sides of each gear rack sits one gear that pushes (up gear ) or tow (down gear) the arm ,which gear will touch the gear rack depends from the tube system that i am explaing next to script
5 ) Those two gears that exists one of each gear rack side are independetly from the gear rack and exist on a Y shape system inside of each side of the Y there are a shafts that carrys power from the spring system , that shaft rotate each gear
6 ) Metallic tube which inside has a ball that is moving depenging on the angle (of drag plate), both two sides of ball touches a small wheel that moves by the move of ball inside the tube .
8 ) There is a metallic extension in each of the wheel that extends out from the tube shortly after , its role is to determinate the height of the Y system across of each arm the determination of the heigh of V system is equaly because of the tube system we explain above.
When the ball exists in the center of the tube the Y systems with the gears on the top edge of each side of the Y none of gears are touching any side of double gear rack either up gear rack either down this is achieve from a small void that exist between each gear and gear rack when the ball is in center , this also happen equaly on both sides .Also inside the tube there is a small space above the ball from that space passes a metal holder and and holds/connect the wheels system .

Here i will explain each number you will see on the following picture :
1 ) It is a cap on that cap sits the rover under that cap exists the mechanism on the drag plate
2 ) A metalic arm/extension/holder which exist in the center and holds the tube system
3 ) Here we see inside the tube exists a metalic ball on left and right side we see the small wheels that move when ball is moving from the angle of the EDL System up on the metalic ball there is a small void where exists a metallic holder between the wheel system
4 ) This the metalic extension of the wheel systems on both side also hinges exist after the hinges metalic extensions exists that connects with the Y system where we will explain later on the script
5 ) Both sides left and right you see a metalic extension/arm/holder in one side is connected in the perimeter of the drag plate inthe other side of each metallic extension there is a double gear rack one up one down
6 ) This is the main gear from where the Y systems shafts rotation come also this gear extends with a metalic circular extension which also surrounds the flat spring torsion
7 ) This is Y system it has three shafts that are connectected with gears in the center of the Y systems it is hight adjustable only and this systems with the shafts is house inside three metalic pipes on the top shaft in the middle of it is conncted with the extension of the wheels systems with the upper pipes that house the upper shaft
8 ) On the center of the drag plate sits the flat torsion spring the inside edge of the spring is connected to the center of the drag plate and the outer edge of the flat torsion spring is connected to the mettalic walls of the extension from the gear that surrounds the flat torsion spring
9 ) This is a circular ball bearing where the metalic circular extension of the gear sits
10)This is the drag plate
11 ) Here you see a metallic holder/arm which holdand connects the drag plate with the pipes of the Y system
12 ) Here you see the gears that push (the up) or pulls ( the down ) the arms
Note that in the picture should also exist another 2 Y systems , 2 arms with double gear rack ,another one tube and wheels system on an up view of the system ,the system is cross like shape here i did this picture in order to understand the function of the mechanism
This mechanism will prevent flip over the EDL System during landing
Please ask any question you have if something is not clear .
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Antonis Chatzianestiadis
I make a mistake on the script 12 ) the up gear is pulling/tow the down gear is pushing either left Y system either right Y system again when the drag plate has a center angle
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