While we don't want to preclude or limit any of the ideas and proposals the innovators may submit (after all we are looking for innovative approaches to this challenge) we thought we'd provide the following clarifications and guidance for the participants to consider.

  • Size - the device must be small and light enough to be easily transported and carried around by a team member. This means the device should ideally fit in a pocket of a shirt or coverall.
  • Mobility - the device needs to be able to operate and take measurements in a store, in the store parking lot, at a customer site or on the side of the road. A mechanism must then exist to easily and quickly get that information off the device and to Kal Tire's systems for further processing.
  • Usability - the device needs to be easily usable by a team member with little to no training. Use of technology platforms (like smartphones) that the team members will already be familiar with may help adoption and use.
  • Simplicity - this goes hand-in-hand with the previous point, but we'd add that having to charge, connect, carry and use multiple devices to record the tread depths will likely increase the cost, complexity of use, and management of the solution.
  • Robustness - The device and the measurement technique must work effectively indoors and outdoors, in direct sunlight and at night and in temperatures that could range from hot to cold (we're in Canada after all ...)
  • Cost - we are seeking a solution that could be deployed to potentially thousands of team members. Therefore cost is a very important consideration. The lower, the better!

Thanks for being a part of the challenge community and we can't wait to review your submissions!