Thank you for your patience, it took longer than we had originally planned, but the team list is now up! Congratulations to the 150 teams selected to compete in the 2021 Spaceport America Cup!
The complete list of teams and team IDs is available on the Spaceport America Cup 2021 event page.

Here is additional information regarding the team selection process:

Criteria for team selection – This year, a small number of teams will receive unfortunate news that their team was not accepted. ESRA will not provide specific answers to any team but will instead refer to the following rubric:

a.   Complete well detailed applications, no empty fields, proofed and well worded (not due to language differences), strong and correct data, no vague references. Essentially, an application that looked well-prepared to compete.

b.   Teams competing in an appropriate category to their skillset. For example, 1st-year teams wanting to compete in the SRAD and 30k events, complex 2-stage rockets. These teams received very strict reviews to determine if they had the certifications, experience and mentoring needed to safely compete at that level.

c.   Only a single team chosen from the same school. To avoid having a school monopolize entry slots, ESRA strictly limits teams to one entry per school even if they are in different categories. Different campuses of the same school are acceptable.

“My team was not accepted. What options do we have?”

a.   Prepare for next year by developing your team’s certifications, experience and expertise. Many countries have HPR associations that will allow rocket launches and certifications. Use this to your advantage and make sure to include this information in your future applications.

b.   Develop a strong social media presence and keep it active with your group’s latest activities and accomplishments.

c.   1st year teams are HIGHLY encouraged to enter in the 10K COTS category. ESRA judges, volunteers and launch operations leaders recognize strong, qualified and safe teams from previous years.

d.   Unfortunately, there are no options for reconsideration for entry. Selections are final.