christian Tamayo
Sept. 12, 2020
10:39 p.m. PDT

Spaceport America 2021

Hello, my name is Christian Tamayo, and I am an aerospace engineering student at Cal Poly Pomona. I am currently this year’s project lead for Cal Poly Pomona’s high-powered rocket team where we have worked nonstop to acquire sponsors and finish our design for the Spaceport America Cup. We are currently about to move past our design phase and begin our build phase. Due to Covid, I noticed that there will only be a select number of teams chosen to compete. I am wondering when the application window will open and if applicants with some level of completed work will be given preference.
Thank you,
Christian Tamayo
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ESRA VP moderator
Sept. 13, 2020
5:56 a.m. PDT
Hello Christian!

It is very true that due to Covid forcing ESRA to cancel the 2020 Cup, the vast majority of selected teams have decided to roll their status over to 2021. This does leave us with only a few open slots for new teams.

The application window will open very soon as the ESRA staff continues to work on final adjustments to rules, schedules and plans for 2021. Continue to monitor HeroX, ESRA and Spaceport America websites and social media channels for announcements.

All new team applications will be reviewed for level of design detail, team history and level of project risk. Here's a typical example of a team application with a high level of project risk that would likely get declined:

The University of Somewhere is a team that was founded earlier this year and only has 11 members. None of the members have rocketry HPR certifications and they've never built or flown a HPR rocket before. They do not have a Tripoli certified mentor. They are planning to enter the 30k SRAD solid category.

For those teams who do not receive an acceptance this year, ESRA and SEDS are working together to provide potential new opportunities to gain skills, certifications and flight experience. STAY TUNED!

christian Tamayo
Sept. 13, 2020
4:14 p.m. PDT
Thank you!

We will be looking out for the application!
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