Hello everyone! 

The Space Poop Challenge is a few weeks underway, now, and it's fair to say most of your challenge-designated brain power is dedicated to solving it. Of course! That's exactly how it should be, which is this update is here to remind you about your HeroX Profile. 

On your right-hand sidebar menu, your name and avatar should be visible at the top. If you click your name, you can see your full profile. 

One of the things that really helps other community members (and judges!) get to know you is the information you include. That's why there's an entire HeroX blog post full of tips for really making your profile shine. Check it out! 

Remember, might as well get the information in now and save yourself from forgetting to update before you submit your entry. 

Everybody likes to talk about themselves at least a little bit, right? ;)

Have fun with it, and happy Friday!