There's only one week left in Fall registration! Collegiate teams interested in participating in the academic-year-long Solar District Cup competition must register by Thursday, Sept. 28, at 5 p.m. ET. Applying by this date offers the many benefits of the full competition experience, including more time to execute projects, the chance to define your own district use case, and feedback from competition organizers on progress deliverables.

To register your team: Just click the “Solve this Challenge” button at the top of the HeroX Solar District Cup page to get started! You don’t need to have any work done, but you do need to follow these steps:

  1. Once you click the “Solve this Challenge” button at the top of the HeroX page, you will receive a confirmation email about HeroX registration, but you won’t be enrolled yet in the competition.
  2. Click on the “Begin Entry” button at the top of the Solar District Cup HeroX main page once you’ve signed up for the site.
  3. Fill out the “Create Submission” form with the best info you have right now—your answers can be general at this time.
  4. Click “Submit Entry” to complete team registration.

Questions? Get in touch with the organizers at !