Read Class of 2020 quotes about participation and the career benefits of competing. Registration closes Sept. 29 and access to the free solar + storage training videos are provided upon registration so if you're ready to go, register now so you can get started learning!

The Solar District Cup is designed to inspire students to consider new career opportunities, learn industry-relevant skills, engage with the professional marketplace, and prepare to lead the next generation of distributed solar energy. Through this competition, students gain valuable experience working on solving real challenges faced by mixed-use districts. 

But don’t take our word for it—see what last year’s competitors had to say about the competition:

“The Solar District Cup was an immersive and technically challenging event that allowed our future innovators to work with actual region-specific utility data. Allowing students to navigate real world engineering, financial and social challenges associated with renewable technologies is educationally invaluable.” –Class of 2020 Student

"It was my great honor to participate in the Solar District Cup, this challenge was a wonderful learning experience for me, and I believe we created some great results.” –Class of 2020 Student

“This competition gave [my classes] much more structure, realism and excitement. This was truly a God-send. This was one of four projects in my senior capstone and I saw the skills from this competition that I wouldn't have focused on so much bleed into their other projects for their improvement.” –Class of 2020 Faculty

“We loved being a part of this challenge and enjoyed every moment of teamwork and learning. … We loved the chance to jump start our journeys in solar energy.” –Class of 2020 Student

“[My favorite aspect was] reflecting after the final presentation and realizing that in September, I did not know what a transformer even was, while now I can confidently explain value stacking to my peers.” –Class of 2020 Student

Convinced? See how you or your students can benefit from this interactive challenge by watching a recording of our Informational Webinar then submit your REGISTER entry to commit your team to compete in the Solar District Cup Class of 2021. Hurry—team registration closes on Sept. 29!

Graphic for the U.S. Department of Energy Solar District Cup Collegiate Design Competition saying: Register Now. Start Designing Fall 2020. Present and Compete in Spring 2021.