There are 5 days left, we wish all of the teams good luck!

As one of the American Made Network connectors that have dedicated effort to support American Made Challenge participants, we provide various supports based on each team’s needs:
• Provide feedback and support for proposal development, video editing and submission processes.
• Provide technical support / feedback to their technology with NDA.
• Provide strategic guidance for work plan, IP development and market strategy.
• Support in prototype development, test and validation.
• Provide input, contacts or methods to establish contacts in relevant fields.
• Other mentors and coaching for new teams.
Our R&D team has won multiple American Made Challenges (AMC) and has supported multiple teams on their AMC submission. The lead personnel include an IEEE Fellow, a Fellow for National Academy of Inventors, and a recipient of the R & D 100 award. The team is committed to support American Made Challenges participants.

In case you have last minutes help needed, you can still contact us.
International Business and Technology Service Corporation