Design a HeroX T-Shirt

Design the graphic for a HeroX t-shirt!
A Shirt With Your Design!

Challenge Overview

Design a t-shirt for the 2018 HeroX corporate retreat!

Every single day, HeroX team members travel thousands of miles across multiple time zones to come together and create the space for you to change the world with your ideas. For most of us, this involves putting some coffee on, changing our shirt, petting the cat, checking the mirror, and sitting down at our home office desks. As an entirely cloud-based workforce, we only leave our houses to get a change of scenery. We're still not sure if all our coworkers are real humans and not avatars, so we're getting the team together for the first in-person meetup and we need you to be our fashion designer! 

Accept the Challenge, and get to work on your design today!


Your Shirt Design

  • Must contain a tagline and original artwork
  • Will be printed on the front of white t-shirts
  • Will be worn by the HeroX team AND you! That's right, we'll send you a printed shirt in the mail


Need Some Inspiration? Hear from HeroX Innovators!

We asked our community why they participate in HeroX challenges. Here's what they had to say: 

"By entering an incentive challenge, you will become a part of an innovative and international community of industry disruptors and lateral thinkers. Hack yourself, your habits and linear thinking by joining a group of relentless thinkers and doers." - Alexandra Ivanovitch

"It's a win-win. You get your idea out there, if it gets noticed, that's a win. If it doesn't, it's still a win because you worked on something that matters, you've learned something new and it could lead to other opportunities. You just never know." - Marianne Angelo

"In today's world, the fastest and the best way to spread your words is through the internet. If you really want to help or contribute to society the best way is to solve their problems. This could be done by taking up an incentive challenge. After all the life is too short to waste, so let's do something meaningful and good in it so that we are remembered for it .Give it a try :)" - Abbas Saiyed

"Taking part in incentive challenges is nothing else but defeating yourself. That part of your self that stands in your way. You compete with people from all over the world. It's wild and scary. Not because they may be better or smarter than you or because they are many. But because these are people who never give up and who become better and better with each challenge they take. It is the kind of community you cannot afford to not be part of. Changing the world is just the side effect." - Georgia Mihalcea

"Incentive challenges are a great opportunity to apply your specific perspectives and expertise towards solving a unique problem. It's a rare situation where your success is only limited by your creativity and dedication. Even if you don't win the challenge, you created a valuable innovation in the process. You can also expand your network with the organizers, sponsors, collaborators, and others competitors of the challenge." - Marcus Howard


Check out the challenge guidelines for the design requirements

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