Hello CHIME Healthcare Innovation Trust National Patient ID Innovators!


When we launched the National Patient ID Challenge one year ago, we laid out a single vision – find a solution that will ensure that patients are accurately identified 100 percent of the time. It’s been a long haul and we have a few more yards to go, but this is, without a doubt, an exciting time for the NPID Challenge. We are just two weeks away from close of the Final Innovation Round. We are looking forward to reviewing the trailblazing solutions and innovations that you are developing.  If you have questions or if you need clarity about any aspect of the competition, please post your comment to our forum and one of our moderators will get back to you shortly.


As the March 1st deadline approaches, we have a number of recommendations for you to consider as you enter your submissions.  Please carefully review the following guidelines and let us know if you have any questions.


1.    Begin completing your submission form now. The submission is extensive and it will take some time to ensure all components are complete -- do not wait until the last day. You can save your submission on HeroX.com as you are working and come back to it until the submission deadline.

2. The submission form requires a variety of responses: open text answers, links, uploads, etc. Review the form in advance (not just the guidelines) so that you can format your answers accordingly.

3. All starred* fields are required. The system will not let you submit (it won't even show you the submit button) until all starred fields are complete. If you are unable to submit, carefully review each of the submission fields to ensure completion.

4. Character counts include spaces. Account for that as you develop your responses.

5. Ensure that your supplemental information is uploaded a .pdf file only. No other file extension will be accepted.
6. Detailed instructions on how to upload your videos are available here: https://chimecentral.org/npid-video-upload/. Review the instructions carefully, test your video uploads now to ensure that you have no issues.

7. Each of the Use Case Scenarios includes a link box below the text response. This must be a URL that is viewable by anyone who sees it, ie CHIME and the judges. The URL can be a link to Google Drive, DropBox, or any other platform as long as you ensure that the link is viewable by anyone who has it. 

We strongly suggest that you link only to an image, to support readability for readers. Only one link per Use Case Scenario is permitted. We encourage you to include any additional images for particular Use Cases in the supplemental information.

8. Double-check spelling and grammar of your submission and proper formatting of your supplemental information. It makes an impression.

9. Be succinct, concise, and brief. We know, that all says the same thing. We have provided ample room for your responses, but it is important that you create a clear narrative with only relevant information for the judging panel.

10. Start completing your submission form now. Tech issues happen, don't let them happen to you at 11:58pm. 


Wishing you all the best,

The CHIME Healthcare Innovation Trust Patient ID Challenge Team