Hello innovators! Sorry for the long delay between updates.  We’ve been busy reviewing both the submission process and the challenge timeline. Specifically, we would strongly urge you to participate in the recent survey that we sent to everyone registered for the challenge. We need your feedback on your challenge participation and your ability to meet the deadlines as currently defined. Your feedback is important to us we continue to review the challenge timing.

Many of you have asked questions about the submission form, especially character counts. We are pleased to let you know that in some areas we are increasing the character counts. Here are some details:

  • Use case template and performance results: 10,000 characters per use case
  • Response to submission questions: Now 10,000 characters
  • Statement on intellectual property rights: Now 10,000 characters
  • Prototype development plan: Now 10,000 characters
  • Supplemental information: Increased to 100 pages (this section is optional and allows innovators to expand on submission questions or include such additional information as screen shots, videos, diagrams, images or other descriptions on how the product can be used)

We also know that there are questions surrounding videos and how to upload them to the site. We are in the process of building a secure and private site to host the videos, which we expect to be live shortly. Thank you for your patience on this front. We’ll send out another update as soon as the hosting site is live.

Thanks for joining us on this important journey to transform the nation’s healthcare system.