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Next Wave Health Advisors
As Senior Vice President and CIO for 18 years and Sharp team member for over 35 years, Bill led the I.T. strategy for Sharp HealthCare, a leading integrated delivery network.
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"It’s so obvious that if we want to transfer records [between systems], we have to find a way to be sure that they can be matched."

"One of the constraints—we cannot be in a situation where an insurance company or a single provider runs a universal matching or identifier service. It is really a utility."

key insights
  • Error rates can be as high as 20%. There can be 6 to8% error rates internally in one organization. (Correct patient records not found and incorrect patient records found) When merging records acros
  • Existing matching methods, even though increasingly reliable, cost too much time and money for all providers to implement cost-effectively.
  • Two key criteria for contenders to be evaluated against are: 1) affordable: Something that can be appropriated by a government entity that is so inexpensive no one will complain; and 2) inclusive: eve
  • CHIME must retain right to reject all ideas
  • This Challenge and the solution must be attractive to for-profit contenders.