Attention competitors! 

The Parity Project Innovation challenge has selected eight finalists to advance to the pitching round of the challenge. The finalists are:

High School Grouping

  • Ezzz Sleep, by Shaelin Triebe
  • The Menstruation Station, by Savannah Durtler

College and University Grouping

  • Meet The “Rich Paul” of Startup Investing, by Kiante Bush
  • Black Fashion Lab for Entrepreneurs & Executives, by Jasmine Bacchus
  • Using BlockChain to dismantle ISP monopolies, by Al Richardson


Young Professional Grouping

  • MicroHaven uses Blockchain to Solve Homelessness, by Chanda Lowrance
  • The National Youth Laboratory (NYL), by Nic Reese
  • United Pantry: Convenience & Control, by Isaac Smith


To the finalists, keep an eye on your email inboxes for further communication about attending your pitch session next week and what will be expected. If you haven’t started already, now is the time to create your pitch presentation and to practice getting your speech down to about 3-5 minutes! The rest of your session time is for Q&A so you don't want to eat into it too far.


And for those competitors who were not selected as finalists, we encourage you to stick around as there are still honorable mention prizes and opportunities to be announced! Stay tuned for when that announcement is published.

Overall, the judging team was thrilled by many of the creative and impactful ideas located in these submissions. We would like to thank you for participating in this challenge and for sharing your ideas with the world!