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Customizable Virtual Field
short description
Using HTC VIVE wireless HMD device and adaptable trackers to create a virtual field that is suitable for various environment and tasks.
Technical Details
Solution overview
Since we want to create a customizable and safe environment to test new technologies for the first responders, my idea is to use HTC VIVE wireless HMD device and adaptable trackers to create a virtual field that is suitable for various environment and tasks. My design focuses on the virtual side and would require minimal physical elements other than the VR Headset and its accessories. A VIVE headset is required for the first responders to see things in virtual reality, and with the recent launch of its adaptable tracker, we can modify the technologies to be tested with the tracker to fully integrate them into virtual reality. In the picture, the gloves attached with the tracker is able to track our hand and fingers' movement precisely. So not only we could implement a realistic environment by integrating the standard tools of the first responders, we can add things like heads-up displays, cameras, sensors, or anything into our virtual environment easily. Since the hardware can be integrated, we have to develop a software to accompany the hardware, and there are a few approaches like using Unity or Unreal engine and popular VIVE SDKs to create a modulized application that is prepared for future additions of new testing technology. For the safety reason, I picked an empty garage so that it's easy to add obstacles in real life to enhance the realistic factor because the user can see the obstacles with predesigned VR application and touch them in real life.
DIY Recipe Kit
The setup is easy once the environment has been designed for the specific task. Firstly we need to create a new scene both virtual and physical side, and because we can reuse other components in the software, there isn't much else to add for a new test. Once setup, the rest is just to run the application with the user put on the required device and record user status in the process.
As mentioned above, the environment is completely pre-designed, so safety is under control and easy to adjust.
Realistic Elements - Virtual
High-resolution game characters: realistic character model; integrated tools for the first responder, modulized scenes for replicability
Realistic Elements - Physical
Obstacles to fit a particular environment.
Technology Testing
Since the physical equipment can be integrated into the simulation and it's relatively easy to add sensors for collecting test data, the system can test physical equipment while incorporating virtual interfaces.
Purchase Order List*
HTC VIVE headset $799,
VR ready PC ~$1000,
Development of the VR application,
not yet released:
TPCast Wireless Adapter for VIVE $249,
VIVE tracker $220,
First Responder Scenes
Since my design focuses mainly on the software development of the scenes and modules, it will be able to accommodate a great range of first responder scenes.
By comparing the efficiency of performing certain tasks with and without the new technology in the virtual environment and through various sensors attached to the user, the collection of data and metrics can be accomplished.

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