Kelsey Towers-Jones
June 6, 2020
3:16 p.m. PDT

Payload Title vs Instrument Name?

What's the difference between the "Payload Title" and "Instrument Name" fields in the Payload Specifications and Capabilities section of the submission form? Also in general, what's the difference between the payload and the "instrument" referred to in the submission?
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Kyla Jeffrey HeroX team
June 7, 2020
9:28 a.m. PDT
@Kelsey Towers-Jones
Great question and I see your confusion. There is no material difference between the term payload and instrument in the Payload Specifications Form. You can consider them the same for the purposes of your entry.

Some competitors have given their payload a separate name from the actual instrument/technology used. You can use the same name for both fields though.

Kyla Jeffrey HeroX team
June 8, 2020
8:10 a.m. PDT
@Kelsey Towers-Jones
NASA had a small addition to my response:
Payload and instrument are used interchangeably because most payloads are expected to be instruments that make some type of measurements. However, there may be payloads that perform some type of technology demo that may not be scientific instruments.
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