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May 1, 2020
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How to turn Orbital Debris, Space Trash into modern Gold Rush

How to turn Orbital Debris, Space Trash into modern Gold Rush

There are many projects, trying to tackle this problem without any success.

Some listed by


The Space Junk Slingshot
The Space Debris Elimination system
Go Space Junk Fishing
Sail it away

Why they fail ? They fail as every virtual project in the past. What matters is funding and money making.

So I would to found today, immediately, a corporation, run under Lost&Found Orbital Debris, Space Trash standards to let peers to track, buy and sale identified orbital debris, space trash items and objects, to buy contracts, future contracts, to make orbital debris, space trash a part of individual, corporate property, equity.

Astromaterials Research & Exploration Science ORBITAL DEBRIS PROGRAM OFFICE by NASA

presents great ideas but since not supported by proper funding, such ideas remain virtual

ODPO Contact Persons For questions or comments, please contact J.D. Harrington via or Noah Michelsohn via

Another virtual project by ESA

"The European Space Agency (ESA) has set out to begin the process of collecting debris from Space. Its ClearSpace 1 mission is the first of its kind to remove an item of debris from orbit.

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Laser tracking hones in on dangerous space debris.

How to turn waste in space into Gold Rush

As you can easily verify on yourself, all the above projects stay for virtual day dreaming.

So the only way to push the space debris market forward is to let peers to buy and sale such identified space trash for open market price.

I am the first, interested to buy the smallest, identified space, orbital debris part for $1 to start the business.

Ok, we can use blockchain technology to record transactions in public.

thank you for your time.

"Today we have nearly 2000 live satellites in space and more than 3000 failed ones."

Ok, I can buy failed satellite next time. Just let me know your price.

BTW Don't close this question since money is what makes us happy


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Once question closed, removed, deleted by third parties I save project's page for the record to publish at another place.

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Space Debris Gold Rush II

Petr Mík
July 17, 2020
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Thank you.
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