Olivier LOIDI
June 24, 2020
9:38 a.m. PDT

Actual water recovery process?

In the FAQ it is stated that 70% of the water is recycled from an intial 50% water content which gives an humidity level of about 20% (300kg of water for a ton of sand).
Would it be possible to know the process (or at least a general idea) for the water recyling?
And also could you tell us the energy needed for achieving the 20% humidity level (in kwh per ton of sand or kwh per m3 of recycled water)?
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Martin Theberge moderator
June 26, 2020
8:32 a.m. PDT
Thanks for your interest and question Olivier.

There is no energy expended in the water recovery. The water is recovered from the thickener overflow, cyclone overflows and the collection of seepage water from the tails and cons stockpiles via trenches and collection sumps.
A small amount of energy is used to pump the water back to the circuit water dam.
You'll find a diagram attached that explains the water recovery process (with slightly higher recoveries than stated above). Keep in mind that recovery depends on where the tails are placed and the level of the underlying water table.
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