ICYMI: The L-Prize Prototype Phase is now open. This phase introduces new separate tracks for luminaires and connected systems, offering potential competitors more pathways and opportunities to participate, be recognized for innovation, and win L-Prize awards. Additionally, two opportunities are available for participants to prepare for the final Manufacturing and Installation Phase of the competition:


  • A Teaming Request for Information (RFI) seeks parties interested in participating with or supporting L-Prize teams in the Manufacturing and Installation Phase. The teaming list is open to manufacturing partners, materials or component suppliers, end-user installation host sites, utilities, energy service companies (ESCOs), installation contractors, and any other interested parties. The teaming RFI will be open for the duration of the L-Prize competition, and the L-Prize website will host and regularly update the teaming partner list for competitors.
  • A public comment period is now open to send input on the Manufacturing and Installation Phase requirements.