Lynn Abramson
May 3, 2022
11:16 a.m. PDT

While you wait for the IEIP winner announcement, check out these resources!

CEBN was thrilled to provide support to competitors as a Power Connector on the IEIP, and lately we've been hearing questions about when the winners will be announced. We don't know any more than you do. :) But here's a hunch: in the American-Made Celebration on Earth Day, NREL staff mentioned that the prize received a TON of applicants. We've personally spoken with a lot of you so we know there were a lot of fantastic proposals - so it's not surprising that it's taking a bit longer than anticipated to narrow down the field into a handful of winners. While you wait for the announcement, please check out CEBN's new JEDI Action Center for information on how to find funding, teaming partners, and other resources to support your projects: Stay tuned as we plan more networking and information sessions throughout the year!
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