Kyla Jeffrey HeroX team
Sept. 25, 2018
8:47 a.m. PDT

Stay tuned for final winners

Dear Solvers,

Thank you for the lively discussion as the challenge nears its end. IARPA is calculating the final results and will be posting the final winners by next week. Thanks for your continued engagement. We look forward to announcing the final winners.

Thank you,
GF Challenge Team
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Michael F
Oct. 10, 2018
11:31 p.m. PDT
Hello, I was a participant in the SAGE platform and am keen to know how we all fared versus others in the competition. Look forward to reading the results when released! Cheers, 'michaelforecaster'

Kyla Jeffrey HeroX team
Oct. 11, 2018
6:33 p.m. PDT
Hi Michael, the winners have been announced here: