Tony Ye
July 14, 2022
8:04 a.m. PDT

Pre-commercial Innovative Technologies

Question regarding eligibility - 

The novel idea would be focused on system integration and balance of plant innovations of existing commercial scale technologies that previously were not used for hydrogen production (i.e. gasification of biomass for biofuels instead of hydrogen). There isn't a laboratory scale demonstration available for this idea since the underlying components for the facility design have already been proven at the commercial scale, would the this project be eligible to compete in this challenge? 

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NREL Challenge moderator
July 15, 2022
10:02 a.m. PDT
This prize is intended to fund novel hydrogen production technologies that have the potential to reduce the cost of clean hydrogen production. In determining the potential novelty of your technical concept please review the technologies funded through the Hydrogen Program. The proposed project should consider the entire hydrogen production process, not only one part of the system. For information on the types of technologies that the Hydrogen Program has recently funded please reference the 2020 Hydrogen Program Plan ( and the 2022 Annual Merit Review proceedings (
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