I have a concept to present which addresses several goals of this challenge.

However, I will not be able to participate in the development and testing of the concept, as called for in the later phases of the challenge.

Can I still enter? (The concept does not involve new technology, and would be simple for the challenge sponsors to trial at an appropriate reservoir if the sponsors believe the concept may have merit.)
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Kyla Jeffrey
HeroX team
Hi Freezeframe,

You have a few options:

1) Join a team that would be able to develop your solution for you (I'm not sure why you are ineligible, so this is only an option if eligibility restrictions do not restrict you from doing this.

2) Submit your entry by yourself to Phase 1. There are a few judging criteria that you won't score very well in, specifically the Project Plan and Team criteria. While you may not score well on the judging scorecard, Reclamation can reach out to you after the challenge is complete if they would like to pursue your proposal further.

I hope this helps!
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