Looking for tools to help you perform your preliminary economic feasibility analysis? We’ve got you covered: GEOPHIRES v2.0 is a free, open-source geothermal techno-economic simulator that combines reservoir, wellbore, surface plant, and economic models to estimate capital and operation and maintenance costs, instantaneous and lifetime energy production, and overall levelized cost of energy of your geothermal plant. 


GEOPHIRES v2.0 is Python-based and relatively simple to use for even the novice coder. It features built-in assumptions for direct-use geothermal cases. Geothermal Collegiate Competition teams are strongly encouraged to use GEOPHIRES v2.0 for the preliminary economic feasibility analysis required with their final submission.


Ready to take GEOPHIRES v2.0 for a test drive with your use case? Learn about the tool directly from one of its developers, Kevin McCabe from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.


Register and join us on Wednesday, March 3, 1–2 p.m. MST.