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its about a boy who unknowingly design and built himself a sun blocker whereas he doesn't know his invention someday will save the world
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i got the inspiration from in my room when playing video game but the heat generated by the sun rays through the window is too much.when working with an arduino board, an idea came up, why cant i design a device that will emit an infrared light,that i will be able to control so that i will be able to regulate the amount of sun rays entering my room
why the topic? i choose this topic to challenge us that if the ozone layer is completely depleted, whats the Earth next move to survive?
the effect of global warming is disastrous and there's continuous pollution of the atmosphere and methods adopted to stop it are not that effective. so lets ask ourselves these questions. how are we going to stop increase in ocean temperature? how are we going to stop deforestation? how are we going to stop flooding? global warming we surely cause famine, how are we going to stop it?
the next subject i would like to write on is friends from outer space. i think we should be prepare for whats out there.
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