Hello to all - I am posting a response in English and Portuguese as we are very concerned about the misunderstandings that seem to have occurred.
Here is the original posting regarding the awards for the People's Choice Awards:

Lunar Initiatives Indiegogo Bonus Packages worth $500, 250, and $100 will be awarded to the top three winners in the People’s Choice Award contest.

The Lunar Initiatives apologizes for any misunderstanding regarding the prizes for the People's Choice Awards. While there were cash prizes awarded for the initial part of the contest, the contest rules clearly stated that prizes for the People's Choice Awards would be in the form of Indiegogo credits...no actual cash prize were ever associated with the People's Choice awards.
As a People’s Choice Award winner, you receive a combination of Lunar Credits, a Lunar Initiatives gift certificate in our Zazzle store, your name and a tweet in a digital archive on a Deep Space mission, your name etched on a Deep Space spacecraft and an exclusive invitation to design for our Lunar Initiatives Zazzle store, Lunar Schwag.
Thank you.