Expedite Self Actualization

Fund the R&D needed to locate and qualify the first 175 mission specialist/stakeholders to build and run the first EVMD. Read Overview...

The Problem

Funding EVMD, ECoVillage Makers Districts run as Workers Cooperative Corporations, built by Veterans

In Western society people seeking Self Actualization are challenged by the idea that all their basic physical and mental needs must be essentially fulfilled before self actualization can be achieved.
Although the idea can be challenged, the the real world view is valid.
EcoVillage Makers Districts, run as a Workers Cooperative Corporation, built by Veterans
can be places that support individual Self Actualization as a strategy for success of the community and humanity and have the added value of democratization of the current economic system, one that is antiquated and answers 21st century questions with 19th and 20th century solutions.
A nationwide network of network of EVMD can aid in climate change preparedness.
Global adoption of, former, warrior built communities is a step to world peace.
Veterans are ideal candidates for Self Actualization because many joined the military from a sense of loyalty to something greater then themselves and or a path to self improvement.

EVMD can provide onsite food, shelter, energy, education and other service products provided by stakeholders, and their families, who have their all basic physical and mental needs essentially fulfilled which allows them to provide the above mentioned products and services as an expression of self actualization.


The problem exists because in the Industrial Age paradigm a Self Actualized individual is more of a disruptive influence then an asset.


The Challenge Breakthrough

People are awakening to the knowledge that they are being held back from Self Actualization by people and institutions who have a vested interest in the status quo.
I am committed to empowering a 1.5 million individuals to live in EVMD and be nurtured in their Self Actualization by the year 2031.

It is my intention that the program prove successful in 12 months from "goal reached" date and donations to this crowdfund be returned with a profit or converted into non voting interest in the EVMD Coop. Corp.

What You Can Do To Cause A Breakthrough

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