Courtney Hudson, CEO

Courtney launched EmergingMed’s navigated clinical trial exchange in 2000 with an unyielding commitment to the belief that anyone with a serious medical condition should be able to quickly identify and access cutting edge treatment options typically offered only in clinical trials. Immediately prior to founding EmergingMed, she held rolls in equity research and institutional sales with CIBC Oppenheimer in New York City. Courtney holds a B.S. in neurobiology from Yale University and an M.B.A. from the University of Washington in Seattle.
key insights
  • Messaging to patients at the time of diagnosis about treatment decisions is critical. How one targets patients to reach out to, what information is delivered, and when that information is delivered are all important components to consider.
  • In pediatric oncology, clinical trials have become integral to patient care. According to Courtney, pediatric oncology developed a culture and physician training that strongly promotes clinical trial referral. These changes, in addition to factors unique to this specialty, made clinical trials a component of standard care for patients.
  • Physicians are an important component to clinical trial recruitment but models of care are not encouraging of clinical trial promotion. During appointments with patients, there may not always be adequate time to provide information to patients about clinical trials. Only 20% of eligible physicians refer 80% of all clinical trial participants.
  • There often is a mismatch between where trials occur and where patients live. Some trials are rethinking ways to recruit patients to get around the location problem by locating trial sites in places where they can find the most eligible patients.