Energia para el Barrio

Our coalition principal mission is to develop a multi-organization coalition with strong and authentic connections to the communities being served and that will clearly be represented by the coalition as it begins to promote community empowerment and clean energy resilience in three (3) of Ponce’s disadvantaged and underserved communities or DACs: (1) Clausells; (2) Los Diamantes and (3) Tibes Neighborhood (rural). This pilot project expects to: (1) provide community owned public solar powered streetlight poles to increase DAC community energy resiliency; (2) stablish community based micro grids to decrease environmental exposure and burdens for these DAC communities and (3) make a study in each of the participating DAC communities in order to identify families that have a member whom need continuous energy supply for medical survival equipment and reduce their energy burden by providing equipment that keeps their homes energized. We commit to further develop the coalition by building stakeholder relationships and developing an actionable plan to achieve successful impact not only in these clearly identified three (3) DAC’s but eventually in all Ponce City DAC’s in future projects.