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Is the specified monitoring to be implemented at the plant or outlet(household/Area)
If it's at the outlet, are these metered at the household with power to tie into, also do they have a general/regulated feed pipe diameter?
Thanks, happy hollidays everyone
Modified on Dec. 15, 2020, 1:26 a.m. PST
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Harry Sangree
Chris - this question is a good one but is beyond my knowledge. If you register as a solver (on the InnoCentive site), you can ask the question there. The challenge owner will see it and can respond officially.

After you register there, you will also see more specific details about what we are looking for.

Harry Sangree
Chris - regarding your other question, this device is for rural piped water systems. My understanding is that they are generally gravity-fed so under limited pressure. There is usually not a "plant", but instead, just a "water source".

Once you register as a solver on the InnoCentive site (by hitting the 'Register' button on HeroX), you will see more details about the problem statement.

Reggie Glover
Great advice
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