As with most industries, all great ideas will be subject to realities of regulation and law. But they don’t start there. The best ideas come from a place of total freedom, and we encourage you to run with that. This phase of the challenge is your chance to dream. You likely haven’t built anything yet, so this is your chance to share your vision. Do we expect you to have all the answers up front? No way. We don’t even expect your idea to comply with all regulations! After all, if this challenge were easy, it wouldn’t exist! 

One purpose of the Concept Phase is for us to get an idea of the obstacles in the way of unbridled innovation around this topic. What concerns are you having, and how can we support you?

You’re not alone in this, either. Want to form a team? Excellent! Let’s figure out where your strengths lie during the concept phase and see if you can join forces with someone else who can compliment them. You even have a chance to list what skills and expertise you have and what you’d like in a team member in your entry.

If you’re getting stuck - tell us about it in your submission. Real collaboration and innovation comes from a place of honesty and at the end of this challenge, we’re seeking to bring together a community to create the best possible solution. So don’t hesitate to speak up!

Need a little inspiration? Check out this tear-jerker of a television ad by GE. Yeah, it’s a commercial, but the message is dead on. Wherever you’re at, innovators -- keep going!

- The William Warren Group