Zach McCaffrey
May 20, 2021
12:57 p.m. PDT

Reduce Emissions from Pig Farms

Hi all,
I am a Research Chemical Engineer in Bioproducts Research Unit (BRU) in Albany California. We work on developing new products from agricultural wastes. Earlier this week I read a news article about emissions of pig farms causing 18000 deaths per year and emitting harmful GHG emissions. Here it is:

I thought this might be a possible project that a HeroX team could tackle. There might be all kinds of different ways people with different backgrounds might contribute to solving this problem. BRU has worked with making activated carbon from nutshells but it could be done from other feedstock as well. So that might be one aspect of the project -- use an adsborbent to collect emissions. It could be used as an air filtration device, water filtration, pig feed supplement. But there could be lots of other ways to think about this problem: change pig diet to reduce emissions, pig environment and/or activites maybe effects emissions, etc. what do we do with the emissions once we collect them, what are energy requirements to collect/dispose of emissions, what's environmental impact, energy impact of the changes we implement etc. etc.

Obviously it would be helpful to have someone who is an expert in pig farms on the team, but I imagine there are a million different approaches to solving this problem -- activated carbon adsorbent could be one small part of the project or even none at all. Just an idea... Let me know if this is an interesting project that you might want to discuss.

I am open to other projects/ideas too. Just trying to start a discussion...

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Jeffrey Silverstein moderator
May 22, 2021
10:47 a.m. PDT
@zach mccaffrey
Hi Zach, this sounds really interesting to me.
We have the US Meat Animal Research Center in Clay Center Nebraska with some excellent scientists working with swine.
Brian Kerr is a scientist in Ames, IA National Lab of Agriculture and the Environment working in swine nutrition and manure.
And Kyoung Ro and Mattias Vanotti and Ariel Szogi among others in Florence, SC Coastal Plains Soil, Water and Plant Research.
These are all locations/people that I admire and think they might be able to contribute to this idea
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